Tobirama Senju stated that hatred births the Sharingan and strengthens it:

Hatred and the Sharingan

Can an Uchiha remain powerful without hatred? If not, does this imply that Itachi was full of hatred?


Itachi didn't seem like that hateful of a person, and he was very powerful.

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I don't think hatred is the only feeling that makes an Uchiha powerful, since many strong feelings (e.g. pain) can strengthen him, and this is just a quicker way to gain more power.
If an Uchiha sees their close friend or relative die, they gain Mangekyou Sharingan, but the feeling of hatred is not a necessity (Itachi hated no one when he saw Shisui commiting suicide).
So, I believe the feeling of hatred CAN make an Uchiha powerful, but it's not the power source. In short, a strong feeling is just a trigger, and once you awaken the Mangekyou Sahringan with it, you remain powerful.

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