What is the name of the track at the end of Fairy Tail episode 108? Starting when Lucy explains to Cana about the clue on how to go to the Mavis grave.


The track is titled "The Tomb of Mavis" or "Mavis' Grave" or "Mavis no Haka". It is song 12 on CD1 of the "Fairy Tail OST Vol. 4.

Source: VGMdb, Gajeel x Levy Blogspot


"Kono Te Nobashite" by Hi-Fi CAMP

However, the song used in the anime is the edited version of the OST.

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    I didn't mean the ending song, i mean the SOUNDTRACK aka OST during the particular event mentioned in the question. – MineCraft Slayer Mar 8 '17 at 8:47

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