In One Piece, is there a Devil Fruit that makes you a great swimmer? It seems impossible since eating a Devil Fruit makes you unable to swim. Does the series ever address this?

  • If this question might be opinion based, the popular similar question definitely is: anime.stackexchange.com/questions/5041/… I do believe my answer removes any opinion though. – kaine Mar 22 '17 at 17:11
  • Do you mean a swimmer as one who exclusively swims in water? – Makoto Mar 26 '17 at 7:26

There is actually a canon answer to this. The Sui-Sui No Mi (official english name is Swim-Swim fruit) is a Paramecia Fruit eaten by Senior Pink.

As the ocean is inaccessible to Devil Fruit users, the Swim-Swim Fruit makes you an excellent swimmer... through anything else including solid material (except seastone).

Unless Oda decides to create one, no devil fruit will exist which is a loophole to allow the user to swim through water.

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    I think we should also mention Brooke because, thanks to his DF, he became a skeleton and is now able to RUN on water. Which is basically beating the system. :P – Gravinco Mar 27 '17 at 9:48
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    @Gravinco There are several DF that allow you to cross water or fly over it but these aren't loopholes or swimmers. They are never submerged. – kaine Mar 27 '17 at 14:25
  • I know, but I thought it was worth mentioning :) – Gravinco Mar 29 '17 at 8:21

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