During the series, Saki often sees really weird visions, sometimes very phantasmagorical. If I remember correctly, first time was when she was trapped with Satoru after encountering hostile bakenezumi.

So, to put it short - what was actually source of her visions? It's clearly not normal for human to see things out of nowhere. I may understand why she is seeing visions after

Shun becomes Karma-demon (may be impact of his power on her brain/subconsciousness or something),

but not for first time at least.

  • i don't recall a scene when Saki and Satoru were trapped except for when Saki was remembering what the False Minoshiro was talking about in regards to using sensual touching as a means to relieve stress but i think some of the weird almost eldritch scenes might have been Shun's doing given he's in one of them – Memor-X Mar 22 '17 at 12:48

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