I was re watching season 1 because season 2 started airing not to long ago. As I watched it got me thinking.

With the lure towns in Wall Maria, 1 out of 4 got breached but the other 3 were in theory safe. Did they get evacuated or did they stay in those lure parts of the wall? because even if they stayed they wouldn't have much food.

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As the Wiki specifies (my apologies; I'm too lazy to look up specific manga chapters page by page):

Shiganshina District was the first city to fall when Wall Maria was breached, leading to a massive slaughter and prompting humanity to abandon the entire perimeter and the remaining cities along the Wall as they attempted to consolidate their losses. After the fall of Wall Maria, humanity was pushed into Wall Rose.

So yes, they are empty. Probably not as damaged as Shiganshina but considering most of the loss in human lives was due the insufficiency of evacuation vacancies, it's fair to say, people might have met a slower and more prolongued, but equally bloody, end as those in Shiganshina.

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The government decided that they were a lost cause, the narrator said so in Season 1 Episode 2.

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