I watched an episode where Naruto met a girl who could see the Kyubi inside of him but I can't find the episode.

Who knows the episode where that happened?


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In episode 216, Sakura tries to assassinate Sasuke. Naruto and Kakashi stop her, and Sasuke flees, leaving the red-haired Karin behind. She becomes a captive, and, while being carried back to the Hidden Leaf Villages, senses Kurama (9-tailed beast) inside Naruto.

Is this what you are referring to?


I think you're talking about the interrupt episodes, where Kabuto creates the clone of Naruto with some worm jutsu, there is a girl who can sense the 9-tails. The chief turns out to be evil.

The village is famous for its healing/potent/energetic water. I think the episode is 289 to ~296 or it may be the 389 to +a few episodes.

The drawing style is notably different, more movie like.

  • OP claims that it's on episode 290. Perhaps you want to update your answer.
    – Aki Tanaka
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