I'm trying to identify a video that I only saw a small part of (in the AMV room at A-Kon). The part of the video I saw featured a boy and a girl and two pianos. I think this might be enough to identify the video, but if it helps the AMV was to the Lady Antebellum song, Just a Kiss. I can find the credits on Youtube but I don't see where it mentions the name of the video.

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    Do you have a Youtube link to the video you saw? It would probably be very helpful and make it easier for people to visually recognize the anime. – atlantiza Jun 3 '13 at 14:55

The video title is "A Kiss Goodnight" by Dragon/Roy (youtube) and the anime is Nodame Cantabile. The two characters you see playing the piano are Shinichi Chiaki (male) and Megumi Noda (female).

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