It is known that the Yomi Yomi no Mi fruit will only revive its user once, and also that Devil Fruit users can't swim, so I was wondering... What would happen if Brook falls into the ocean? I mean, even if he's alive, as a skeleton he has no lungs, so he should just be unable to go back to the surface, shouldn't he?

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    If Brook falls in the ocean, his lungs will get filled with water. But he has no lungs. Yohohoho. Skull joke.
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He's just a skeleton obviously, so he's not really breathing, however, when his body gets drowned slowly by the sea water, his strength begins to fade away (Chapter 493, page 7):

enter image description here

And from this scene, I imagine if he falls into the ocean, like all Devil Fruit users, he will be powerless and be unable to resurface unless helped.


I imagine it would work something like this:

As a Devil Fruit user, he'd be rendered weak by the submersion. But we've also seen instances of Devil Fruit users' powers being somewhat nullified by submersion in seawater (specified since I have no idea if it applies to bath water, pool water, etc.). For example, Luffy was unable to stretch himself in the Arlong Park arc, but his head was still brought above water by third parties. Similarly, in the Enies Lobby arc, Chopper's rampage was stopped when Franky threw him into the sea, transforming him back into little Chopper.

My thought was that since Brook can't drown, as he has no lungs, the fact that he was submersed in seawater would nullify his Devil Fruit power and his soul would leave his body at the bottom of the ocean.

Just a thought.


Like all devil-fruit users, Brook won't be able the move if he is fully submerged underwater, that's a fact.

But will he drown? We've seen Jack the Drought Mammoth guy got trapped in the sea floor still alive but unable to swim himself up waiting for someone to rescue him because he was a fishman-human hybrid. We don't know whether Brook will drown or not, because during fishman island he was wearing an oxygen bubble underwater, meaning he somehow breaths. Otherwise, he wouldn't need it since he was fully submerged in water anyway (episode 538).

I always theorized that Brook had invisible organs that could not be touched or felt since he eats and poops and that requires organs to breakdown his food and give him energy like all living things. If my theory is correct, then Brook will drown underwater


As a skeleton, he has no lungs to drown with. As a Devil Fruit user, he cannot move underwater. You can make theories about how he works all you want, but as far as we've seen, there is no proof that he can die unless you destroy his skeleton, and even then we've seen him pull his head back on using his spirit. It is known fact that skeletons decompose in salt water, it just takes five or ten years to accomplish. However, we've seen Luffy attack people while his limbs are underwater (Fishman arc) using Haki to protect his stretchy arms, so I'd assume that if Brook ever learned full-body (or full-skeleton?) Haki, he could not only survive the ocean, but even walk about underwater unharmed. Swimming I doubt, as he has no flesh to move the water out of his way with. But would he survive? Most certainly. So to sum it up: Brook COULD survive underwater for five or ten years in paralysis, or indefinitely (or as long as Haki lasts) with full-body Busoshoku Haki.


well michael... you brought up the topic about luffy when nullified... you did tell his devil fruit being nullified underwater... but was used by a "Thirdparty" you say... so devil fruits can still function but the user are paralyzed i think... so if brook goes underwater... he dont drown because hes breathing nothing literally... so he wont drown but lets say maybe if hes underwater like luffy... hell just like drown in a dreamlike situation... but hes unconcious like having a battery used 5x faster so itll be Null... but brook wont die... hell get unconcious... like "Unconcious mode" in underwater... so hell be unconcious only... ever if he ejects his soul in the body because the body is the source of him... and by luffy as hes devil fruit abilities are still going to be functioning by other people as thirdparty.... well i dont know about brook but hes still having his abilities but hes like paralyzed as you call it

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