According to Narutopedia for Shisui's MS ability Kotoamatsukami...

Itachi noted that the dōjutsu required at least a decade before it could be used again.

Does this limitation apply to Shisui, or does it just apply to those that took his eyes (Danzo and Itachi)? Because if this applied to him, then he's not as OP as everyone thinks he is. Plus how would he know it has a recharge period of 10 years?


To answer your two questions

  1. It was never mentioned if Shisui had to wait for a decade to use it, so we don't know if this rule applies to him. If he did have to wait for 10 years, he's very underpowered. I don't think it applied to him because everyone knew about his ability and if that rule applied to him, he'd have used the ability for a maximum of 2 or 3 times (not possible, 2 is max because 2 eyes), many people wouldn't know about it.
  2. Itachi said that Kotoamatsukami takes 10 years to recharge for those who don't have Hashirama's cells.
  3. There are 2 ways he could know the recharge period.
    • Shisui told him. That would mean, this drawback would apply to him too. But its very unlikely that he had the Mangekyo for over 10 years. So he himself wouldn't know about the recharge period.
    • He used Kotoamatsukami just after Shisui died and he knew the period was 10 years because it activated after 10 years in the war. This is dumb. I'm dumb. Itachi is smart. He wouldn't gamble.
    • The third way, I know I said two but bear with me. THIS IS A PLOT HOLE. Every anime has one. Itachi just couldn't know the recharge time.


How does Hashirama's cells affect the eyes? If we give the eye which has been used for Kotoamatsukami to say Danzo/Yamato (someone who has his cells), would the eyes recharge instantly?

  • I think the second way deserves far more credit than you give it. Itachi using it for some purpose without knowing the recharge time is very likely. Little was known about Mangekyou back then. Shisui probably could use it frequently, much like Himself, Obito and Sasuke were freely using theirs. The only Transplant example is Danzo, and he kept his very secret, So Itachi had nothing to go on. Him finding out by experimentation is the only reasonable way. He did also gamble on Sasuke staying on the side of the leaf village, which failed twice (Orochimaru and Tobi)
    – Ryan
    May 19 '17 at 15:38

yes it does take shisue ten years to recharge. it states in the anime and manga that it would take shisue ten years to recharge, when they were talking about throwing over the leaf village. But is he underpowered? no he is not. his mangekyo sharingan could be used to kill kaguya if desired. or anyone else in the anime universe. the fact that its so powerful is why he can only use it ounce every ten years. plus hes a very strong ninja.

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    Can you mention the exact manga chapter or anime episode where it was mentioned?
    – mohan226
    May 24 '17 at 15:13
  • yes give a minute,episode 201. May 24 '17 at 15:36
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    Only Itachi states that the Crow can use it once every 10 years. Danzo used it during the kage meeting and still was making plans later that day to use it on Tobi. Being in a person, as well as having Hashirama's cells sped up the recharge rate significantly. Shisui, being the original owner, would have a fast recharge time as well, but how long he would have to wait specifically was never mentioned.
    – Ryan
    May 24 '17 at 15:43
  • No like i said it is stated that shisue can use it only ounce every ten years and considering its power its completley beleivable. its the most powerful genjutsu and dojustsu around because of what it can do. so the two most powerful tools in all of anime are the death note and shisues EMS. May 24 '17 at 16:06
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