I'm not sure in which chapter this took place exactly but

this is after Rod Reiss transformed into a titan. Eren has the ability control titans, then why wasn't Eren able to control him with his titan power? He had Historia by his side who possesses royal blood. That doesn't make sense...

Why couldn't Rod Reiss be controlled?

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A very short answer is because Eren doesn't know how to.

Spoilers below:

Eren has what that has been called as "The Co-ordinate" which was passed to him from Freida Reiss through his father. This is the ability of the Founding Titan which allowed them control over the titans and memory manipulation.
We do not yet know how exactly this power works. The real limit of this power is unknown, but as it can be observed, it extends to the point of making Titans perform actions that threaten their own lives. It was also mentioned by Rod Reiss that the power is so strong, it has the potential to wipe out all the Titans if the user is able to wield it to its full strength.

Then why it was Eren was unable to use it while he had contact with a royal bloodline, the reason is that Eren has only shown this power under very rare and unique circumstances. One can argue that the danger to his life was one such circumstance, but unless the writer clarfies the exact nature of this power we don't know the limitations.

For more information, with HEAVY SPOILERS refer to : Wikia : Founding Titan

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Heavy spoilers under spoiler section (until manga chapter 89 including)

Eren is able to use Founding Titan power only when in direct physical contact with person of royal blood. He comes to this conclusion in chapter 89, which also explains events of chapter 50 (titans got Eren's order, while he had direct contact with Dina Fritz's titan), and chapter 62 (when Eren was able to see memories, stored in his titan, while Historia was touching him).

Now, regarding your question:

Actual combat with Rod Reiss in his titan form has started somewhere around chapter 68, which was a lot earlier. So, basically, on that time, he had no idea, how to activate this power.

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    First of all, I thought that it is enough for a Royal Family member to be around Eren in order for him to use the "Titan Control" power. But we can deduce that he actually has to be touched by them. That was absolutely not the case during the battle against Rod Reiss' titan. However, shortly after unintentionally commanding titans to kill Dina, he commanded them to eat Reiner. Thus, we can deduce that his power lasts for a specific amount of time after touching them. But these are only theories. Just as Arcane said, Eren's powers are still a mistery to us that have yet to be revealed.
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