So I saw that Itunes has like 9 different soundtracks for fairy tail and I'm wanting to get them but the opening/ending cd's only go up to volume 3 which cuts off somewhere around opening 15 of like 22 openings. is there a volume 4 in existence or being made? Same thing with the main soundtracks they all fall short of where the anime is so I cant get all the songs used in the show unless I start pirating the ones I dont see CD's for. I have searched cd japan, Amazon, Itunes, the Fairy Tail wiki, and have not seen any notice of the final soundtracks existing or being created. Does anyone happen to know if the final soundtracks were ever announced or have any information? Please and thank you.

  • you can probably find the songs from the openings as separate releases coz they're usually licensed songs which are probably being sold by the original authors. Have you looked into that? – Hakase Jun 14 '17 at 3:12
  • Indeed it doesn't seem like they have a volume 4 of the OP and ED songs, so you'll just have to buy from OP/ED singles. Here's a collection of Fairy Tail OSTs: – Gao Oct 25 '17 at 4:17

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