In the very first episode of Naruto Shippuden at the start when we see Sasuke, what is the song that plays here?

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    you'll possibly find them in the ost's listen to loneliness i think that is the same – paws Jul 5 '17 at 8:14

The title of the track you are looking for is Shippuu Kumikyoku (Hurricane Suite). This track is on Naruto Shippuden OST 1, Track 28


Hero's come back by Nobody knows. Its the very first op of shippuden

  • Could you add a link to the music you are referring to? – Ikaros Jul 9 '17 at 18:26
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    Hero's come back is the title of first opening to Shippuden. OP is requesting the title of the first time Sasuke appears – Wondercricket Jul 10 '17 at 16:41

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