In Eromanga-sensei, Sagiri draws various pieces of (mostly-lewd) art in her guise as "Eromanga-sensei". For example, this one from episode 12:

ep12 01:11

Who is the real-life artist who draws the pictures that are portrayed as Sagiri's art in the anime?

There's a very consistent style to all of them, so I'm thinking it's just one person, but it doesn't look like Kanzaki Hiro's work (he's the character designer / artist for the Eromanga-sensei light novel).


Ah, it's Tiv, who tweeted about this here:


I'll be helping with Sagiri's work on the anime 'Eromanga-sensei'. [usual Japanese pleasantries] #EromangaSensei

Tiv is probably better known for being the artist for the Masamune-kun no Revenge LNs/manga; the resemblance of that and her other art to Sagiri's art is unmistakable (see e.g. her portfolio website "Planova").

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