I'm just very confused about this situation.Why did Karin keep the umbilical cord, if she's not Sarada's mother?Anyone explain it.

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    yeah, that's weird, it's unusual for keep it with her. May be because of Uchiha blood ( for some crazy experiment with Orochimaru ) or Her fantasy for Sasuke. :D ) Just a guess ;) – Vishal Tarkar Jul 1 '17 at 19:44
  • do we have any evidence that she is not her mother ? because i believe she is – Nevios Jul 4 '17 at 11:14
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    Maybe Sarada was the first baby she delivered so she wanted to remember that by keeping the cord. – Akira Mahisaseru Jul 4 '17 at 17:17
  • @Nevios In the manga it is confirmed that the umbilical cord is of Sakura. Karin had preserved it. The alleged confusion that 'Karin is Sarada's mother' arised because when Suigetsu matched Sarada's DNA with the umbilical cord, it showed a match. (Suigetsu thought that the umbilical cord is of Karin) – Bhavesh Shaha Aug 14 '17 at 9:54

A hypothesis is for this question is that sasuke took in too much of Karin's chakra when healing himself. You can obviously hear her say on the episode of capturing the eight-tails"He took in too much chakra". We know that chakra may influence living beings, so it is possible that Karin's chakra may affect Sasuke's child. Or because Karin helped deliver Sakura and Sasuke's baby, so she might've just kept it. (We know how obsessed Karin can be with something.)


Old thread, but new people will see. I consider myself very in tune with Naruto/Boruto. The simple fact is this. Karin is Sarada’s Mom or she carried her(surrogate) because Sakura could not. Why would they dedicate a whole arc about this? They talked about DNA and bonds. The big thing is Karin kept the cord. The whole Boruto show is about making new life or changing it in some sort of way. Sorry I got side tracked. So back to Sarada. Boruto mirrors Naruto in many ways. The creator has stated Sarada will play a major role. Sarada will redeem the Uchiha and become Hokage like Madara should have been. Sasuke is still a rouge (kinda) he left Sarada to Sakura and Naruto because she would be safe in the Leaf. She is the only Uchiha beside Sasuke. People will be after them. Otkusuki. Sasuke can’t protect her out in the world by himself. So either Karin and Sasuke trusted The Leaf and Naruto to keep her safe or Karin carries her for Sakura.

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