In the end of chapter 634, the latest chapter of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto's shuriken and Sasuke's arrow mixed together and formed a new black kind of shuriken to attack the ten tails.

What kind of power does the new shuriken contain? It contains Naruto's Wind element, but which of Sasuke's powers does it contain?

New Shuriken

Is it the "Amaterasu" OR "Lightning" element?

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It is a blaze element technique (an enhanced Amaterasu with help from Naruto). What is is called? Well according to the said chapter:

enter image description here

They could call it "SHAKUTON KOURIN SHIPPUU NO YA ZEROSHIKI (read: Swirling Gale of Black and White Arrow)!"

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It contains Amaterasu. In Naruto, wind is superior to lightning and in fact defeats it. What Naruto stated earlier in the chapter was that he was glad that his wind could fuel Sasuke's fire with his powers - and the image is clearly black and colored like Amaterasu. He manipulates Amaterasu through his Blaze Release: Kagatsuchi.

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