According to Wikipedia - List of Gurren Lagann episodes, episode 6 has 2 versions:

  • The normal version which is first aired on May 6, 2007 in Japan, titled

    "Sit in the Hot Tub 'Till You're Sick!!" (てめえら全員湯あたりしやがれ!!)

  • The director's cut version, which is released on DVD, having a different title

    "There are Some Things I Just Have to See!!" (見てえものは見てえんだ!!)

What are the differences between the 2 versions?


According to the wiki:

The uncut version of this episode features more explicity such as:

  • More of Yoko's breasts are revealed. At the end of the episode, her top falls off completely-although we still don't see anything.
  • Gimmy's penis is briefly shown. (This is actually not seen as taboo in Japan, as Gimmy is considered too young to be sexualized.)

Scenes added include:

  • Kamina trying to peek at the girls.
  • The beastmen fool Kamina into giving up Gurren-by offering to remove the pixellation seemingly covering their nudity. (Of course, they aren't actually naked-just wearing tiny, skin-tinted swimsuits.)
  • The beastmen using a shock collar-like device on the girls.

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