Which music theme is it at the timestamp 1:15:10 in this YouTube Link: Naruto vs Sasuke Full Fight English Dub ?

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I couldn't find the exact version of the track during the scene you linked, may have been an unreleased variation of the official track. This is also played during Sasuke's flashback when he's pinned down by Naruto.

The title of the official track is Oh! Student and Teacher Affection (Aa, Shiteiai) and appears on Naruto OST 3, track 9.


This is the sound track you were looking for: https://soundcloud.com/anasourik/kaze-to-honoo-no-rondo

  • No it's not the correct one. The correct one is "Oh! Student and Teacher affection". Check the accepted answer. Jan 29, 2019 at 0:13

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