Luffy displayed Gear Four for the first time against Doflamingo and called it a specific form. Via Funimation subs I thought this form was called Bounce Man. The wiki calls it Boundman.

Is one of these two names offically correct? If Boundman is correct, what is this referring to?


I have not watched One Piece, but after reading the Gear Four Techniques wiki, both Boundman and Bounceman are appear correct - it is just a matter of how it is translated.


Luffy's first Gear Fourth form is called Boundman (弾む男 (バウンドマン) Baundoman?, literal meaning "Bounce Man"; Viz and Funi subs: Bounce Man):

When plugging in 弾む男 (バウンドマン into Google's Japanese to English, it translates the text to

Bouncy man (Bound man)

  • Just to extend that. The tankuman form is also pronounced tankman in case anyone was curious – Callat Aug 12 '17 at 18:24

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