I found this statement in the Wikia,

Franky acknowledges that Sanji's strength is greater than his own, claiming that Sanji was one of "the strongest guys on the crew".

but I can't find where or when does that (Franky's claim) happens. The Wikia doesn't give any citation there.

Did Franky say that? If so, where and when did he say it?

  • The statement was added on 12 Nov 2015 by an anonymous IP user but without any sources. – Aki Tanaka Apr 8 '18 at 16:24
  • Well, like Franky, most of the crewmembers regard Luffy - Zoro - Sanji as the monster trio and acknowledge that they are much stronger then the rest. – RigaCrypto Feb 5 at 12:40

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