In one episode, tired of Konohamaru showing off, Boruto steals the summoning scroll and tries to summon a summoning animal, but it doesn't work since he hasn't signed a summoning contract. However, Jiraiya didn't sign a contract and in a flashback in Naruto Shipppudden, he was teleported to Mount Myoboku. Why wasn't Boruto teleported to an Animal world?


The episode you are referring to when Jiraya was teleported to Mount Myōboku, Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1 is actually a filler episode, so I'm not sure if teleporting to the animal's home after performing the Summoning Technique without a blood contract should be considered canon.

In the anime, it was shown that if a user attempts to summon an animal without first signing a contract, the user will be teleported to the home of the animal they have a natural affinity for

On the other side, nothing happened when Boruto performed the Summoning Technique because, not only did he not have a blood contract, he also did not use the hand signs required to perform a summon

However in Boruto's case, he neither used a blood sacrifice nor did the necessary hand seals.

Without the hand signs or blood sacrifice, Boruto just kind of slapped his hand on the ground.

  • what about when Naruto went to mount Myoboku?
    – Henjin
    Oct 8 '17 at 8:35
  • 2
    @Henjin Naruto signed a blood contract when training with Jiraiya in the original series. Him being teleport to Mount Myoboku and then back to Konoha was through Reverse Summoning Justu. If they have a summoning contract, they can let the toad use the Reverse Summoning Technique Oct 8 '17 at 11:27

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