It's mentioned earlier on that she was her father's only legitimate child, but then it's shown in chapter 252 that she has 3 more brothers, not including Serpico.

Could anyone clear that up, please?

Note: if it's explained beyond chapter 252, please explicitly mark it with a spoiler warning.

  • I checked the Wikia and it seems that's it's true she has 3 brothers and a half-brother. Considering that I don't follow the series, it could be just a lie for a purpose of plot-device. Also, providing a reference to the "she was he father's only legitimate child" would be better to make this question complete. – Aki Tanaka Nov 18 '17 at 4:13

Farnese has

3 brothers and 1 half-brother.

In Vol. 14 Chapter 96,

Serpico, his half-brother, was first introduced. His relation to Farnese, however, was only revealed on Vol. 22 Chapter 185.

In Vol. 29 Chapter 251,

Magnifico, his brother, was first shown arguing with their father, and he would later on join her and Guts' Travelling Party in their journey to Elfheim: enter image description here

In Vol. 29 Chapter 255,

his other brothers, Giorgio and Poliziano, was first revealed, and this is the only appearance they have made so far: enter image description here

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