In episode 6, there is a scene where Daiku, a former team member of Igo soccer, is getting bored with their inactivity in their club room. The conversation follows like this (read from left to right):

Daiku: And you'reno fun, Sekiguchi Daiku: Don't you go to cram school, Sekiguchi? ... Sekiguchi with embarassed f ace Daiku: You're joking

Daiku: Oh come on, everyone said they had cram school and left...
Daiku: And you're no fun, Sekiguchi
Sekiguchi is reading a book silently
Daiku: Don't you go to cram school, Sekiguchi?
Sekiguchi flips a page, looks at Daiku, then continues reading the book silently while being embarrassed
Daiku stares at Sekiguchi
Sekiguchi is getting more embarrassed
Daiku: You're joking!

Why was Daiku surprised all of sudden?

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She skipped cram school so that she could stay at the club. When he, being the last person left, asked about it and she blushed it implies she has a crush on him and wanted to spend time specially with him, he realised this and was shocked ~ooh young love


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