I really loved the live-action version of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi na Henge! (or, Perfect Girl Evolution! / The Wallflower) and I'm considering picking up the manga or anime because of how much I liked it. However, I'm curious: what are the major changes that the live-action made?

I know one of these changes is aging up the characters; the cast is about college-aged in the live-action, but they're in high school (they attend a gakuen) in the manga. I also know that the landlady's son is a live-action only character. Are there other big differences between the two?

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According to the Japanese Wikipedia, the main differences are:

  • Kyouhei becomes the main character. Sunako is listed as the 3rd cast in the credit.
  • Kyouhei, Takenaga, Yukinojou, Ranmaru, and Noi are high school students in the original work, but they are undergraduate students in the TV drama.
  • Mine (Sunako's aunt; the landlady) doesn't have children in the original work. However, in the TV drama, Takeru is introduced as an original character playing the role of her son. He self-proclaims to be the keeper of the mansion while she is away.
  • Shinichi, the master of the coffee shop (Meykuu Iri, "Unsolved") that Kyouhei and his friends like to go, appears as a regular cast in the TV drama.
  • Compared to the original work, Sunako's personality is sharply changed. Even with the usually timid and negative personality, when Kyouhei calls her Busunako (Extremely ugly Sunako, from busu + Sunako), she will display her paranormal-thingy and high fighting power and also her personality becomes stronger.

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