This question is purely out of curiousity and based on some ecchi/borderline hentai shows.

As a fact we know that plenty of japanese content gets cencored in japan, but why is this applied to adult content? Such as a hentai manga. Once someone purchases it the final goal of the user is pretty straightforward. A minor won't be able to purchase one due to their strict laws and such.

So with this in mind it is pretty straight forward that your audience are adults. How come that the content still gets cencored? Some apply stripes, other apply pixelated art while others completely cencor certain parts of a body.

I have seen this applied to both manga and anime. The only shows and manga that didn't have any cencorship were unofficial stuff; essentially fan-art.

Is there a law in japan against nudity overall that prevents studios and official sources from implementing full nudity?

I don't require samples on full nudity anime/manga if there are any. I do wish those that answer to keep it as polite as possible so that if any youngster around us might read this it won't be against a law or the rules and regulations of this website.

I am simply curious about why this practise is implemented by (from what I know, not a fact) every studio out there in japan. Perhaps it is to make the show able to be aired on tv? I don't know.

This doesn't only apply to manga and anime but can also be applied to actual movies in Japan. In America cartoons haven't reached the level of 18+ due to nudity and explicit material, but plenty of shows have such as Spartacus and Game of Thrones (as examples) have. They are aired without any cencorship at all.


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