The pet of Kyuuta (Ren) is a fluffy ball of hair-like animal. Though Kyuuta thinks and says it is a mouse, I didn't find anything to confirm that Chiko is a mouse.

So what animal (if it is an animal) is Chiko?


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Officially, Chiko is a mysterious, small animal.

The official site (Japanese) lists Chiko as,


A mysterious, small animal that always with Kyuuta after their meeting on a back alley in "Shibuya".

(Emphasis mine)

In contrast, the official site lists some characters with their animal characteristic:

  • Kumatetsu: Bear (kuma)
  • Tatara: Old monkey
  • Hyakushuubou: Slim pig

Out-of-universe, it looks like a Kesaran Pasaran, a Japanese mythical creature (youkai) that looks like a white fluffy furball. While it has many renditions, one of them looks like this:

Random Kesaran Pasaran

(Image posted by Ein on Serenes Forums)

PS: I only found Answers.com as the best definition in English, but it doesn't conflict with Japanese Wikipedia.

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