I recently stumbled upon the Blame! movie on Netflix. I eagerly watched it, enjoying every minute of it - not least for the underlying amazing world. I realized that it was based on the manga of the same name and looked it up.

Now there's more than just the manga, to my knowledge there is:

In what order should I best consume these works? And am I missing any more of them in this list?


You can start reading the original sources. The other works is just like a side-story, not really canon (as far i know, the side story is just an "explanation chapter" or a filler chapter about the Blame! universe that never explained before in the original Blame! manga, based on Wikipedia and myanimelist. I have never read those side-story, nor try it ).

Main story

Side-story (not recommended, but you can give it try)

The Blame! movie only cover some part like:

  1. Cibo first appearance : Volume 2, Chapter 9.
  2. the rest : Volume 5 - Volume 6, Chapter 26 - Chapter 34.

In your question, you put the ONA version of Blame!, and looks like it's a clip of Blame! anime but i never heard about those ones. There is no anime adaptation of Blame! until Netflix made one.

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