One of the running gags in Cowboy Bebop is that the crew never seems to get paid for their bounty for increasingly outlandish reasons.

  • Asimov Solensan was killed by his wife
  • Abdul Hakim was caught by the police
  • Faye Valentine became a member of the Bebop
  • Maria Murdock was trapped in hyperspace and was transformed into a primate by her own virus.

With all of these missed bounties, and with all of the times the crew mentions their lack of funding, I'm starting to wonder whether the crew has ever been paid.

Have the crew of the Bebop ever been paid for a bounty?



  1. Episode 8:They catch a group of thieves trying to steal a spaceship.
  2. Episode 10:(It's never actually explicitly said if they got the money for this one. The guy was caught despite him probably going to get off with a self-defense plea.)
  3. Episode 15: They technically collect a very small bounty at the end of this
  4. Episode 16: It was never stated as to whether they received anything for helping out with stopping the prison shop. However, if you were to assume they did.
  5. Episode 22: They do end up catching the teddy bear bomber here.

Very rarely, and if they do most of it usually has to be spent on repairs for the damage they did during the chase and maintanance on their Ships. Basically, they tend to come up empty simply because of bad luck.

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