During the ED of the Carnival Phantasm Special Season OVA, we see just about all of the cast from major Type-Moon works as Koha-Ace characters.

From right to left, who are the person (13th from the left, not including the floating characters) between Hisui and Miyako, the person (10th from the left, not including Keitai-san, the cellphone) between Caster (Fate/Extra) and Chikagi, and the very last person on the far left (first one from the left)?

And that's everyone!


I believe the one on the far left is Kariya Matou from Fate/Zero,

Dat guy

the one next to Chikagi is Rani VIII from Fate/Extra (it's a bit hard to see as reface is mostly obscure, but the clothing and skin color matches),

Dat obscured person

and the one in front of Miyako is Assassin (Li Shuwen), also from Fate/Extra (the wardrobe practically gives it away).

Dat wardrobe

  • getting all their name would also be helpful.. – Darjeeling Mar 9 '18 at 3:03

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