Well I know there are a lot of keys. I always get mixed up on how there are silver, gold and other colors. It's all confusing! I don't get how Loke used his own magic to get in all the time. It's to confusing, I can't keep track. Help me please?!


Gold Keys

  1. Gate of the water bearer key: Summoned the water Bearer, Aquarius.
  2. Gate of the Golden Bull Key: Summons the Golden Bull,Taurus.
  3. Gate of the Giant Crab Key: Summons the Giant Crab, Cancer.
  4. Gate of the Maiden Key: Summons the Maiden, Virgo.
  5. Gate of the Archer Key: Summons the Archer, Sagittarius.
  6. Gate of the Lion Key: Summons the Lion, Loke.
  7. Gate of the Twins Key:Summons the Twins, Gemini
  8. Gate of the Ram Key:Summons the Ram, Aries.
  9. Gate of the Scorpion Key: Summons the Scorpion, Scorpio.
  10. Gate of the Goat Key: Summons the Goat, Capricorn.

Silver Keys

  1. Gate of the Souther Cross Key: Summons the Southern Cross, Crux.
  2. Gate of the Clock Key: Summons the Clock, Horolgium.
  3. Gate of the Lyre Key: Summons the Lyre, Lyra.
  4. Gate of the Canis Minor Key: Summons the Can is Minor, Nikora(Plue).
  5. Gate of the Compass Key:Summons The Compass, Pyxis.

Artifical Keys

  1. Celestial Spirit Banishment Key(former): Banishes the Maiden, Virgo.

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    Actually The gate of Lion's name isn't Loke, it's Leo but he uses Loke to act as human. – Kitty Vlogs Mar 28 '19 at 0:36

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