Crunchyroll streams Shin Atashin'chi (2016), but where can I watch the original Atashin'chi, at least with English sub?

I live in India if it's relevant.

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Atashin'chi Official YouTube Channel was launched on 30 April 2020. As of now, the channel has uploaded many episodes of the original Atashin'chi as well mini-episodes of Shin Atashin'chi. Almost all of them have English captions.


You probably won't find anything for English. According to Anime News Network, there are no associated English companies listed with ATASHIn'CHI, unlike, say, Bakemonogatari which was subbed so the website shows which English companies have licenses for it.

This is the same thing with the 2 ATASHIn'CHI movies. But as you probably already know, Shin ATASHIn'CHI is streaming on Crunchyroll.

From this, I would say that the original ATASHIn'CHI was never officially localized in English so you're out of luck if you're looking for any official subs for it

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