Lord Yato has Yukine (Sekki) as his blessed vessel aka. his exemplar and Lord Bishamonten has Kazuma as her blessed vessel aka. an exemplar.

Can a god have more than one blessed vessel?


Short answer, yes.

I would say that it is possible for a god to have more than one hafuri, because to be a hafuri only means to attempt to sacrifice one's name for their master. I don't believe there is a limitation on that, however as far as I know there can only be one exemplar/guidepost. Exemplars and blessed vessels are different though (as Takemikazuchi reminds us frequently).

In one arc (warning: manga spoiler!),

Bishamon makes Nana, who was a legendary blessed vessel imprisoned by heaven, her shinki, so it is possible for a god to have more than one hafuri. However, Nana changed and became a hafuri for her original master and not Bishamon, so there is no definite proof.

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