I couldn't find the name of the song in this particular video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klUlGDTjvbU about 16:30. It's from episode 373 while the squad fights the spawns of 10 tailed beast.

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This song originally appeared in the episode where Chiyo & Sakura fight Sasori.

The name of the song is Reverse Situation.Sonetimes also read as Turn the Tables. ( Kesei Gyakuten.)

It is track number 26 in Naruto Shippuden original soundtrack (by Yasuharu Takanashi).Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack

It also has a remix version called Spin and Burst from the soundtrack of the movie "Boruto- Naruto the Movie".This is an amazing song as well.Boruto : Naruto the Movie Original Soundtrack

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