So I completed the Spice and Wolf anime, seasons yesterday. And found the ending unsatisfying, so incomplete.

Now I want to complete the story, so I tried looking for the manga on some websites online but I could only find the manga up till Volume 6, which is part of season 1 of the anime.

I did find out that the light novel is way ahead with 15 volumes (anime completed at 5th excluding 4th volume) but I don't like reading light novels.

Later I did find something on amazon It claims its volume 13th of the manga, but I am not sure it really is.

Now I want to buy the manga, but where can I buy them? And does the manga really extend beyond the 6th volume I already managed to find?

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  • cool you made my question way much better and understandable thanks @Dimitrimx Jan 12 '18 at 11:40
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    Possible duplicate of Does the Spice and Wolf anime follow the same events as the manga
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  • @AkiTanaka no it isnt i read the whole thread before making my own plus it does not answer my question..... Jan 12 '18 at 11:48
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    ...how much searching did you do? Literally thirty seconds of searching 'Spice and wolf manga' on Amazon turned up all 13 volumes of the manga. If you're not in the US, then it would help to mention that in your question, as the answer to 'where can I find this?' may be different for different countries. Jan 15 '18 at 4:05

And does the manga really extend beyond the 6th volume I already managed to find?

yes. according to Wikipedia in the Manga part of the Info Box

Written by: Isuna Hasekura
Illustrated by: Keito Koume
Published by: ASCII Media Works
English publisher:
- NA: Yen Press
Demographic: Seinen
Magazine: Dengeki Maoh
Original run: September 27, 2007 – December 27, 2017
Volumes: 16

and while incomplete (as of 12/01/2018) the list of Manga Chapters shows 15 volumes. you can also see a list of volumes and where you can buy them on Yen Press's Website (if you are looking for the English release)

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