Yuno and Yuki are creating a world together

In the picture, Yuno and Yukki are creating a world together, but what's this about? I don't know if it is an episode from the anime or from the manga.

I'm still searching for it in the internet but can't find anything about it. I'm so confused.


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If you watch the OVA ("Redial", which adapts a 2-chapter manga), it'll make more sense. In brief:

Yukiteru-2 has been deified in world #3. Yuno-3 is initially unaware that Yukiteru-2 exists, the whole Future Diary thing, etc., but Murmur-2 eventually transports her to Deus-3's metaphysical space where Murmur-2 is imprisoned, whereupon Murmur-2 imbues Yuno-3 with Yuno-2's memories. She then goes and finds the now-deified Yukiteru-2. The OVA ends with Yuno-3 and Yukiteru-2 meeting, but I imagine the implication is that they create a new world together afterwards, as at the end of episode 26.

Er, at least, I think I have all the world numbers right, but it's been a while.


The image is in the anime at the end of the 26th episode after the credits roll. That is because Yukiteru is reunited with Yuno.

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