I mean, I know Itachi was able to do it to Kakashi, but Kakashi only has (er, had) one Sharingan, not two. So, I guess my example would be if Itachi and Sasuke were fighting, both with their Sharingans blazing, could one pull the other into a Genjutsu just like they could do to anyone without Sharingan, or does both users having their Sharingan activated cancel it out? I can't find any information on this despite looking for a few hours!

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Yes they can do that.
The best example for it is probably the final fight between Sasuke and Itachi where the whole first part of it was just a genjutsu.

  • Thank you! I haven't even gotten nearly that far into the anime, I've pretty much given up trying to watch the whole thing haha Jan 27, 2018 at 17:56

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