During Dresrosa arc, past of Senõr pink was shown and in that Russian was shown on hospital bed which was around 14-15 years ago. After that it wasn't shown what happened to her.

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It was never revealed but Senor Pink hinted that she passed away. From One Piece chapter 775 Putting all my love into Lucian

enter image description here

Senor Pink : The sky isn't looking great today but.. if I go higher, I just might be able to meet Lucian (Russian)

Unless Russian is on Sky Island it sounds like she passed away


It seems Russian is no more. Here is the article on wikia:-

It is unknown what happened to her afterwards but, during a short conversation with Franky, Senor Pink has implied that Russian had passed away.

You can read everything about Russian on her wikia

It clearly says that she is Senor Pink's late wife.

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