In episode 70 of the original Dragon Ball series, Krillin fights one of Fortuneteller Baba's minions, who is a vampire. After he's defeated, Oopa and Puar jump in, and they manage to defeat him.

To do this, Oopa stands like a cross, stating that vampires can't stand crosses. In the next angle, the vampire is shown panicking, as he pictures a crucifix over Oopa, which starts to radiate light with organ music playing, as the words "Jesus Christ!!" and "Oh God!!" scroll across the screen.

In order for a vampire to be afraid of a crucifix, then the religious aspect of it must exist in universe, and the scrolling text seems to confirm this. Therefore, I'm wondering: Does Jesus Christ exist in the Dragon Ball Universe? enter image description here enter image description here

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The answer to your question would be a no!

Jesus Christ doesn't exist in the Dragon Ball Universe. However, there are multiple Real Life references/ Fictional works that exist in reality which have been referenced on the show. A few other examples apart from the one you stated would be:

  • The entire Pilaf Saga being a loose adaptation of Journey to the West, a famous Novel from Ming-era China.
  • When Krillin kicks General Blue in the face without enough force to make his nose bleed and Blue complains about the Bleeding and compares it to the action of throwing red paint on the Mono Lisa.
  • There's a grocery bag which says "Super Mario" on it, in Chapter 71 in the manga when Krillin and Launch come back to the Kame house.

I have attached a list here with more similar references with regard to the same.

  • You can also point out this answer regarding real life references ;)
    – Ikaros
    Mar 7, 2018 at 11:00

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