It is shown in the anime that the jinchuruki is caught and the tailed beast is extracted and sealed into the Demonic statue by the Akatsuki. What will happen if the jinchuruki is killed somewhere else? In search for Tsunade arc, during the fight between Jiraiya-Tsunade and Orochimaru, Orochimaru tries to kill Naruto as he is the jinchuruki of the nine tails. What would have happened to the nine tails if he had killed Naruto?

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    They died with their host. But they will be reincarnated after some times. – Tanya von Degurechaff Apr 13 '16 at 10:13

After a period of time the tailed beast will revive, so they will survive the death of the host.

However, it is revealed that the tailed beasts can actually survive their jinchūriki's deaths, with the only consequence being that it will take time for them to revive without a host.

Source: Narutopedia - in the second paragraph of that section.


if the jinchuriki dies so will the beast but the beast will be reancarnated and HOPEFULLY put into a new host that's what happens each and every time.

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    This answer would be much better if you have some source to back it up. – Logan M Nov 5 '13 at 2:22
  • @IG_42 the link's dead (at least for me), but I assume the source is from chapter 503, around page 14? – Aki Tanaka Jul 24 '18 at 4:00

If the jinchuriki dies, the tailed beast will revive and it will be free unless it is sealed away in a new body.

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    Can you provide any additional information or sourcing for this? – kuwaly Jul 23 '18 at 19:54

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