In episode 11 of Pop Team Epic, we see Popuko and Pipi parody The Shining by haunting a winter cabin as poltergeists.

Throughout the segment there are audible whispers that sound like Japanese spoken backwards. These whispers are present in both the first and second broadcast, but neither one was subtitled.

What are the ghosts whispering during The Shining parody?

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Here (1, 2) are the YouTube videos by 333ユグ playing the scenes for Part A in reversed.

Here are the reversed conversations for both Part A & B (source: Mr_BlueSky's Hatena Blog (Japanese)):

  • When passing the window:

    "Co, cold, cold..."

    (Because Blackboard Goro is too noisy, it's impossible to be comprehended)

  • When peeping the girl doing makeup

    "Wait, can't see! Wait, jya, cha, wait, out of my way!"

    (Because Blackboard Goro is too noisy, it's impossible to be comprehended)

  • On the hallway


    "What will we do? Who will call out? Should we go*?"
    "Eh, no, what will we do?"
    "Eh, what, wait, wait both of you..."

    *いっちゃう, which is an inflected form of いく, has several meanings. In general case, it means "to go", but it can also mean "to die".


    "New eyeglasses?"
    "Eh? Hehehehehe... you realized?"

  • When appearing in front of the car

    "Put that to the "gear back*."

    *It's "back gear", in reversed reading, while the whole conversation is also in reversed.

    "Today is aojiru?"

  • While showing the photograph


    "Having friends are... good"
    "Looks like it"
    "I want to create... a baseball team..."
    "Need... 3 more people"


    "Umm... have you been to ningen DOKKU?"
    "Well, I have never been there"
    "Eh? But you're so slim"
    "Ah... well..."
    "Anywhere is okay?"
    "Well, that's a bit..."
    "Ha ha ha"

  • I admit it's hard to understand the conversation on Part B because I don't have enough context to translate them.
    – Aki Tanaka
    Mar 29, 2018 at 3:32

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