In the anime, they had a sheet where the participants' names were written for the finals of the chunin exam.

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If Orochimaru along with the sand and Sound ninjas, had not attacked Konoha during the chunin finals, would the exam finish with one winner by having 2 semi finals and a final after the Gaara vs Sasuke match?

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It is explained by Sandaime Hokage that, though there is one winner of the tournament, it doesn't guarantee that he will become a chunin.

He also explained that there can be more than one chunin from an exam and there can be none too.

If there was only one chunin per exam, it would have been impossible for all of Naruto's friends to become chunin after his 3 years of training with Jiraiya.

  • Additionally, I am pretty sure you can become a Chuunin if the higher ups accept it (hokage + village elder). You can definitely become Jounin if your teacher suggests and the Hokage allows it (ie Minato).
    – krikara
    Aug 7, 2013 at 18:35

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