I have the OST Soundtrack for Ballroom e Youkoso, but can't find this song.

The OST starts at roughly 7:20 for ep 14 when Chinatsu and Akira are arguing,

and at roughly 12:00 for ep 19 when Akira has the guy apologize. I would really appreciate if someone could find me this song.

Here is a fan-made cover of the song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXBjv-6pcIo


I was searching for this for a while, looked through the OST, Disc 1,2: Youtube
The soundtrack was released on the sixth of December 2017.

BallroomEYoukoso subreddit user "BeKley", said:

"It’s part of the Ballroom e Youkoso OST which hasn’t been released yet unfortunately. However, someone has made really accurate covers of these OSTs and they’ve also done the song you’ve been looking for: https://youtu.be/rXBjv-6pcIo"

I've come to the same conclusion as him, another user in the post "ImDasman" also agreed.

This was 5 months ago, it may have been released since but I doubt it.

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