In his fight against Bloodthirsty Muscular, Deku hits a 1000,000% One for All punch when we haven’t seen even All Might use that much power. How can this be possible?


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It was confirmed by the Author that it wasn't actually 1000,000%. Deku said that to pump himself up.

This is explained in this article, as well as the image below:

"The Supplementary Info - 1,000,000 percent?"

  • To be exact and clarify, the author confirmed this in volume 9, in a page explaining that the "1,000,000%" Smash was indeed just a battle cry fueled by adrenaline.
    – totoofze47
    Commented May 26, 2018 at 20:08

In the last episode of My Hero Academia (Season 3, episode 8) , they gave an explanation for this (spoilers)

According to the doctor who cured Midoriya from his battle with muscular, when Midoriya says "100%" he would be using 80% of his power that's the upper limit a person can use in normal situations, and when Midoriya says 1,000,000%, he was using 100% of his power which is a power only a person can use when he is in an extreme situation, something that makes any person (including Midoriya) being bad injured after because no person is capable of using 100% of his power without hurting itself, that's why a person can only use 80% of his power in normal situations for not hurting his own body enter image description hereenter image description here

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