Can anyone confirm or deny if Tokyo Ghoul:re, the 3rd season of the anime is canon or not? It seems like a major step after the events of the first and second seasons so I'm pretty darn bewildered by all the new characters


Yes, Tokyo Ghoul:re is canon

If you take a look in the wiki you can see that Tokyo Ghoul:re (東京喰種トーキョーグール:re, Tōkyō Gūru:re) is a sequel to the Japanese manga series Tokyo Ghoul written and illustrated by Sui Ishida.

And yes, Tokyo Ghoul:re picked up 2 years after the events that ended Tokyo Ghoul


Just like the original anime Tokyo Ghoul:re is skipping a lot of exposition. They never explained how Ken Kaneki lost his memory. They will explain everything through flashbacks.

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