As nearly as I can tell, the events of "Boku no Hero Academia" seem to begin some time around 2174. I base this estimation upon the manga having been begun in 2014 and the current All Might being the 8th such hero (and taking an assumed average of 20 years per generation between passings-on of their power).

Is there a definitive answer for this? If not, are there canon facts, observed trends, or even fan-based assumptions that might at least weigh to the contrary (whether earlier or later than 2174)?

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    There doesn't seem to be a defnitive answer. But in regard of fan theories, Google came up with this and this. – Geshode Jun 5 '18 at 1:34

Cant write a comment because this is a new account and I can't seem to write one unless I have 50 reputation but I think its set into the decent future. From what I've seen (which is midseason 2) I'm not totally sure and I came here to find this out but I actually don't think it is just 20 minutes into the future. I mainly came here because of a quote stating that it is predicted that humans would've been a lot more advanced if not for the development of quirks slowing everything down and how we would have been expected to have had space cruises by now so I expect it's around the year 2100.


Unless cannon ever gives us an exact year, it’s impossible to say for sure. Thematically though, the story takes place 20 minutes into the future

Technology and culture is almost identical to today, except that there are people with superpowers and has been for generations. The problems that the character’s face, and society as a whole face, aren’t that different from the problems we face in real life (except dialed up to 11 because of the presence of Quirks, and the fact that this is an action work of fiction).

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