Nagato was 34 years old when he died, but Kakashi was 29. This would set them at most, only 5 years apart. How can this be when Nagato was 7 when Jiraiya started training him. Later, Jiraiya started training Minato (who was a kid at that time). Then, Minato was an adult when Kakashi became jonin at 9. So, Nagato should be older than Minato. He should also be at least a generation older than Kakashi.

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    Where did you get that info!? – Ch.Siva Ram Kishore Jun 21 at 10:14
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    Can you provide your source claiming Kakashi become a Jonin at 12? The answers in this question provide support that Kakashi was roughly 9 when he became a Jonin – Wondercricket Jun 21 at 17:19
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    You should also source your claim about Nagato being trained before Minato. as far as I know Nagato was trained during the previous war, the same war that Kakashi and his squad took part in as children. – paulnamida Jun 24 at 0:05
  • Hanzo fought the sannin in the second war, which was when he met Nagato and the others. – Shadow.God Jun 25 at 23:50
  • When Jiraiya taught Nagato the lines from his eyes were not even down to his nose, but when Jiraiya taught Minato the lines from his eyes were all the way down his face, indicating that he was older. And after the second war (which was the time he trained Nagato and was in a three man cell with the other sannin), Jiraiya started a three man genin team, and Minato was in it. – Shadow.God Jun 26 at 0:05

Minato died at the age of 24. If he were to survive, he would have been 36 in Part 1, and 39 in Part 2.

In Part 2, Nagato's age is confirmed to be 35, in the databooks.

This means there's a 4 year age difference between Minato and Nagato, where Minato is elder.

Kakashi's age was about 29-31 in Part 2, confirming that he's younger than Nagato by 4-6 years.

  • I get the age difference, but I my other evidence contradicts yours and is also pretty good. It’s in the comments above in case you want to see – Shadow.God Jun 26 at 0:10
  • This is about the age difference. The evidence you suggested do not matter when it comes to age difference. These ages are drawn from the official databooks. Your evidence is useful in telling who was trained first. Which would be Nagato. – Ero Sɘnnin Jun 27 at 3:28

First of all we need to remember that when Obito approached Yahiko and Nagato (there age was around 15). At that time Minato was a Jounin and leader of Kakashi and Rin. So there is no point that Minato was younger than Nagato

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