I see a lot of unofficial anime-style Touhou opening and ending videos with something like "Touhou Anime Kinema-kan" mentioned in the title or description. For example:

But I can't find a good description or explanation of what exactly Touhou Anime Kinema-kan is. What does Kinema-kan mean? What does it refer to? And what does 2nd Curtain refer to? Is there a 1st Curtain, 3rd Curtain, and so on?

All I can gleam from the video descriptions is that it seems to be something that was released at Comiket or Reitaisai, but I don't know much beyond that.

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Touhou Kinema Kan (東方活動写真館) is both the name of a defunct doujin circle and the series of animated music videos they produced in the years 2009-2011.

Below is the list of their works in chronological order:

  • 東方活動写真館
  • 東方活動写真館~第二幕~
  • 橙の幻想郷音頭
  • 東方恋隣童-Toho kourindo-
  • 東方白昼夢
  • 東方活動写真館~終幕~

Kinema (キネマ) is cinema, and kan (館) is hall, so Kinema Kan (活動写真館) is cinema hall. The kanji 活動写真 (katsudou shashin) is a retro word for cinema, used mainly in the Meiji and Taishō period.

Curtain is a mistranslation of 幕 (maku), which in this context means an act, a unit of a theater work. The first act is 東方活動写真館, followed by the second act 東方活動写真館~第二幕~ and the final act 東方活動写真館~終幕~, which is a compilation of all the previous works of the doujin circle in one disc.


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