I was checking out the new season of anime and came across a self-described shojo anime, but judging by the cover art, name, and description, I assumed a Bishonen anime. As I was making a joke to a friend, I realized that shojo and bishonen weren't the exact same thing. Somehow I had conflated the two.

Are the two terms overlapping genres, or is one a genre and the other a subgenre? I'm not sure where one ends and the other begins.

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Shoujo is a genre of manga/anime targeted at girls. There's an explanation here that covers it, but basically, it's manga/anime where the target demographic is 8-17-year-old girls.

Bishonen is an aesthetic/style that refers to pretty boys, who generally have feminine and delicate features. It most often shows up in shoujo and yaoi manga/anime, but it isn't exclusive to them. An entire manga/anime can be drawn in the bishonen style or individuals can be. (Wikipedia)

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