I'm being the Prof. Oak for once and ask if Hange from Attack on Titan is male or female?

I cannot remember at all if this was ever settled in the manga. The character appears female from the hair and facial features, but I can't remember ever seeing notable secondary gender characteristics.

On this matter I don't trust translations, be it official or fan-made, so references to the character with the help of pronouns don't count. Please supply clear manga scenes or anime screenshots. Statements from secondary sources like character books (if such a thing exists for AoT) or interview statements from the creator are accepted, too.

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Even though they looks like a she it's still debatable.

If we look at official tumblr account of Kodansha (Publisher of AoT) we can find an answer:

I’ve said everything I intend to say on Hange (the short version: Hange’s gender is open to whatever interpretation you care to have)

Here the link of the whole question.

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