Something that I dont understand from My Hero Academia it's something characters which supposedly have average resistance (because their quirks arent about resistance) are able to resist One for All. For example, Shoto in it's battle with Midoriya (and wasnt this One for All 100%?) How was Shoto Todoroki able to resist One for All?enter image description here


The answer is basically given in chapter 22 of manga. When Mydoria tells to Almight that he managed to hit Nomu without breaking his arm, they come to conclussion, that Mydoria subconsciously limited his power output to avoid causing lethal harm to other human. Mostly possible, that during his fight with Todoroki, he has limited his power is same way.

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The power level of that punch or others are not specifically stated in the manga or somewhere else.

  • We know that Izuku's current limit of %20. More than that harms him. This is also valid if he is using Full Cowl.
  • In many fights Izuku exaggerates the power output of his quirk. Muscular fight is the best example for this. He never uses %100 output nor that he can stand that kind of harm.

So since he is not using Full Cowl here we can assume his power output is noting more than %10. Because his power output is only %5-6 without Full Cowl.

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  • hmmm I thought that everytime he was hurting himself it was because he was using 100%, before he learnt how to use 5% only. – Pablo Jul 14 '18 at 0:17
  • One for All materialises in a different way for every user. For All Might it changes his body. For Izuku it changes the colour of his vein. Also there is that greenish lightning effect when he uses Full Cowl. We cant know when he will able to use %100 since Izuku will not enhance his body when it happens but for now we are far from it. – JustPlain Jul 14 '18 at 7:19
  • Please take into account that tournament was happening prior to internship, therefore Mydoria was unable to use Full Cowl (neither 5% nor 20%) at that time. – lentinant Jul 16 '18 at 6:46

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