In episode of Boruto 66 there is a symbol that appears on his right hand.

What is it? Is it a curse mark or sealing jutsu? What does it represent?

Boruto episode 66


The symbol on Boruto's hand is known as a Kāma.

Kāma is a seal that takes the shape of a black diamond on the user's palm

Boruto received the Kāma after he defeated Momoshiki. With this, Boruto is able to absorb different techniques

After defeating Momoshiki, Boruto received a seal on his right hand in the shape of a diamond, with which Boruto can absorb other techniques, like fūinjutsu and nature transformation

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    in the manga, they call it KARMA. I think karma in cooler if the context is built around it well enough. – Henjin Jul 31 '18 at 11:32

The mark indicates that pure otsutsuki chakra is flowing inside of Boruto, during Shippuden when the sage of six paths gave naruto and sasuke chakra you could see the marks on their palms. This is basically the same thing but instead boruto has permanent Otsutsuki chakra due to his Jougan :)

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